Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Net-Positive Dogecoin Business initiative

I try to hold Dogecoin and when I get BTC, I usually convert to Doge. By using Dogecoin as a currency, and using services that use Dogecoin as a currency, we effectively create a closed loop that can only result in Dogecoin reaching the moon! Therefore, I would like to lead the initiative for a concept I call the Net-Positive Dogecoin Business (NPDB).

A net-positive Dogecoin business does the following:

  • Supporting services for the business should be paid with Dogecoin whenever possible, even if this means choosing a slightly less desirable service that accepts Dogecoin. An example of a supporting service would be computer stores that accept Dogecoin when buying hardware, internet service providers that accept Dogecoin, domain registrars that accept Dogecoin..etc. 
  • Preference would be given to a supporting service that claims to not convert immediately to fiat and rather tries to use Dogecoin 
  • The business should accept Dogecoin and try to convert to Dogecoin when possible 
  • Overall the business should, through regular operation, increase the market cap of Dogecoin by running a business that puts a priority on circulating Doge and/or converting FIAT to Doge 
Ideally, the Dogecoin foundation would come up with a review process before approving a business as a NPDB and these businesses would show up on various official Dogecoin websites and forums in a favorable spot. Until a review process can be decided upon, we should probably accept businesses that claim to be net-positive at their word, even if it's just to get the ball rolling.

Ideally, we would want to come up with a badge that a website can post on their site (which would link back to the official Dogecoin website) that shows off their dedication to being a NPDB. Hopefully our community of talented artists can come up with something! ;)

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