Friday, 29 August 2014

You can now get donation reward levels with Dogecoin

We accept Dogecoin!

For quite a few months I've been accepting Dogecoin donations manually, which was a pain because I also needed to adjust the donor's donation reward level manually. Well, we finally now accept Dogecoin donations directly on the site. All donations made go towards the user's donation reward level on the site. The donations do NOT get automatically converted to USD, and so far we have been able to hold the Dogecoin that has come in. For the most part, the Doge actually gets redistributed throughout the community in the form of signup incentives and we definitely use it to fund the Dogecoin Referral Program

I still need to process BTC donations manually, but we will eventually be able to automatically accept it along with a number of other altcoins as well.

If you would like to fund the VoidSpace project and acquire some donation reward levels, click here.
If you haven't signed up yet don't worry, it is very painless, we only need your email address!

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