Saturday, 20 September 2014

Player Organizations will be a big part of VoidSpace

Players will be able to create and manage official player groups. It is fairly standard to have these sorts of groups in a MMORPG (they are usually called guilds), however our implementation goes a step further due to the nature of VoidSpace. Player organizations are given their own website that they can customize. It is hosted by our server system, but the most important property of this webpage is the fact that new users can signup to the game through their page and automatically become a member of the player organization while simultaneously becoming a new VoidSpace user. Before a player joins a particular player organization however, they have a chance to review the material the org has put on their webpage which describes the type of organization they are and what sorts of services they have to offer in the game.

It is important to understand that player organizations are expected to function like separate societies. For most organizations, the main goal will be to attract new members because of the "strength in numbers" concept that is prevalent throughout the game's design. Organization members are able to spawn a new character within the established in-game domain of the player organization, and this is why it is so valuable for player organizations to attract new players into their group.

Some of the player organization functionality is already implemented into VoidSpace, and we can already see the positive effects this is having. Player organizations share their pages in order to attract new members and inevitably promote VoidSpace long with it. As the number of player organizations continue to grow, so will the number of players we will see join VoidSpace through these organization's efforts to promote themselves.

Once the game is more established and player organizations stabilize and grow, we expect to see player organizations becoming "big business" because of the ties VoidSpace has with real-world economies via Dogecoin. Player organizations stand to gain from having additional members. This will likely lead to player organizations becoming major corporate entities with the push for cleaner, more professional systems of government as competition for new members increase. We can therefore assume that player organizations will take their marketing campaigns into the real world to fervently attract new players for us.

Due to the heavy emphasis on player created content, the game experience for new members would be very customizable and depend very much on the organization's established infrastructure. For some players, this will make it important to join an organization with a trusted name and a professional system. For example, the player organization might have schools set up to teach new characters a basic set of skills, and possibly even to educate the player as well. There might even be an established system of government to help organize members and a sort of social safety net within the game that mimics the types of civil services we see in real life.

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